Because your business is personal.

Because your business is personal

Singer Law Group, P.A. understands that there is nothing more personal than your business.

Who We are

Singer Law Group, P.A. is a skilled law firm that understands the complex challenges of business, law, and government. With meticulous analysis, uncommon creativity, and common sense, our team navigates the challenges of modern business with confidence and authority.


Practice Areas

Engage experienced and prepared counsel to be the voice of your development. Singer Law Group collaborates with its clients, the community, and local government to bring your project from planning to operation. Our services include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Architectural Review Commission & Historic Preservation issues;
  • Code Enforcement;
  • Comprehensive Plan Amendments;
  • Due Diligence Review;
  • Developments of Regional Impacts;
  • Local Code Amendments;
  • Rezonings;
  • Right-of-Way Vacating;
  • Subdivision and Plats;
  • Special Use Applications;
  • Variances;
  • Writs of Certiorari.
There are circumstances that arise when litigation is the only option to help resolve a situation. Singer Law Group believes that this should usually be after all other options have been exhausted, and we help clients think through creative ways to solve problems before litigation becomes necessary. When it does, however, Singer Law Group works with clients to proceed efficiently and forcefully through the process. Singer Law Group has experience litigating with local municipalities (including the City of Tampa and Hillsborough County) regarding municipal issues, writs of certiorari, vested rights claims, Equal Protection claims and challenges to development orders. In addition, Singer Law Group represents clients seeking resolution against private sector entities and individuals in state and federal courts in Florida and Illinois. Singer Law Group represents parties on the plaintiff side as well as parties who are defendants.
See the whole board before you start a new business or expand an existing business. Singer Law Group will work alongside you to identify your business’ goals, formulate a corporate structure, draft governing documents and investment materials, and work closely with your officers, directors, and managers to promote the long-term success of your organization.
Singer Law Group has experience with state and local political campaigns, and understands the unique challenges they pose. From recount navigation to campaign finance navigation, Singer Law Group is happy to be your counsel before, during, and after the campaign trail.
Singer law group has a deep understanding of the intricacies of local government. When your business needs an advocate to interface with government staff and elected officials, we value the opportunity to utilize our deep knowledge of the region, its needs, and its trends, to find common ground and establish meaningful public-private partnerships.
Save costs, minimize legal risk, and make more-informed decisions by engaging candid, creative, and strategic counsel for your business. By incorporating Singer Law Group into your decision-making process, you will add objectivity and invaluable critical thinking to your office.
Singer Law Group understands the value of your real property. We have the knowledge to protect it. Our services include:

  • Commercial and residential lease negotiation and drafting;
  • Commercial and residential eviction defense and prosecution;
  • Prosecution and defense of unlawful detainer, adverse possession, ejectment, and related actions;
  • Resolution of defects in title of real property;
  • Negotiation and acquisition of easements and covenants.
Throughout the course of any business, controversies will arise, and Singer Law Group understands the tangible and intangible costs of litigation. When your business needs to resolve a dispute, you can rely on Singer Law Group to represent your interests with diligence creativity, and the personal attention your business deserves.

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